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Dramatis personae
Natasha – biology teacher

Valya – mathematics teacher
Pasha – 11 student of secondary school

Natasha’s husband as himself
Action 1
(The action takes place in the school in the study of mathematics after the lesson)
- Do not worry Natasha, now we have to act, and the fact that your husband is cheating on you with another, he still regret it, I generally can not understand how it is possible, having such a wonderful, beautiful, seductive wife to have sex on the side. (Val)
- What do you propose to do when your husband is cheating on you in front of his wife? (Natasha)
- Only one way, if you want to keep the family together, you have to take revenge on him. (Val)
- But how? (Natasha)
- You must change it with someone. Sex videochat onlin.

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