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Chat sex roulette russia. Okay, now everything will be. (Val)
- Paul dopishesh soon you control this? (Val)

Chat sex roulette russia.
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- Yes, I already finish. (Paul)
- Come here for a minute. (Val)
- Look, here with you Natalia wants to talk to you about something.

Listen to it carefully. But since it is not quite correct to you is a question I’ll leave you alone. (Val)
- As already said Valentina, I have to talk to you, a personal nature. (Natasha)
- Ask. (Paul)
- Would you have sex became a woman my age? (Natasha)
- Yes indeed, what I did not expect to hear from you, so that’s it. (Paul)
- Well, anyway? (Natasha)
- Well, if cute and agree with me to do it, why not. (Paul)
- And you think I’m such? (Natasha)
- Do what it is you’re driving? (Paul)
- And besides, I want to sleep with you stupid. (Natasha)

A few seconds of silence.
- Well, I guess we have no reason not to do this. (Paul)
- So you agree? (Natasha)
- Well, of course, if such a sexy lady offering sex, it is a sin to refuse. Chat sex roulette russia.

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Chat sex roulette russia.
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