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and I felt like a part of me welcome the hero, he came gently and very carefully without causing me pain, and I myself began to sit down on it, and now it’s all in me, and we began to move to the beat of our movements through 10 minutes of this I fucking realized that my lover cums

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then I got up from the table and we kissed again,
sweet fuck you, baby – he told me – I want you more,
and he lifted me in his arms bore in the bedroom, along the way I whispered to him how strong he inenasytny, he was actually in good shape, strong male torso, podkachennoe bodies could be seen that he was involved in sports,
in the bedroom, he put me on my feet and began to undress, taking off his clothes, he put me on the bed doggy style, I complied, and here it is again in me, his strong male hands clenching and unclenching my ass,
his tender lips roamed over my back, and his hero as a piston in and out of me, and I moved to meet him, while I moaned loudly this time he fucked me at least half an hour,

When he finished, we fell exhausted on one side, not much rested in silence, he asked if I fell asleep, I turned to him and said no, then I told him that I’ll go to the bathroom and come back to it in a hug, if he is certainly not against , with a sly smile, he smiled back, and lightly slapped me on the ass, made it clear that even the evening did not end there,
I wagging booty went to the bathroom, leaving I specifically turned,
and saw that it wanted, he eagerly looked after me, but rather on my ass,

Jetting as follows, I threw the robe and returned to the room, my lover lay on his stomach tucked his hands under his head, I’m not thinking long sat on him and started stroking his powerful back, I asked him if he wanted me to do him a massage , received a positive response, I began to massage his back and shoulders, hands massaged his back, I began to explore his lips and tongue, and then I asked him to turn over, when he turned, I saw that he was excited, and it stands as a member of the Boards,
I continued to cover his lips shoulders, chest abdomen, descending lower, I went around his penis on his legs, and after that to the eggs, licking one another, I moved to bogatarya which has become twitch in anticipation, licking him, I slowly began to stick it your mouth, suck not much, I rose above
with one hand podrachivaya it merged our lips, his hands down to my ass and these were given to understand that it is time to her work, not much raised my ass, and I sent him a hero to his hole, he began to let go of my ass his hero, I slowly took it all to life, that it’s all in me and I start to move, and Nicholas hands helping me, gently hold and mauled my ass, lips, he grabs my nipple and starts playing with it

I feel like a woman and I love it,
then I turn over to him and just sit on his hero, he grabs my ass and pushed onto itself, so does not last long, I start utavat he understood it, and invited me to lie down on my stomach, I agreed, he put it under my pillow for the first time and lay down on me, gently entered me and began to fuck, after some time he had finished and we fell asleep
I lay there and thought with horror, what will happen next. May sex chat web cam.

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