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They included music and dancing for two hours and besilis fun.

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Well, to me it was like a storm in nine points.
- Hey, where are we his Denham when he vykakaetsya of me?

- I do not know, I did not yet think.
- Are you going on Saturday at the disco?

- Until Saturday still far away, I’m afraid that my mother would take him from us before. This is because she brought it.

- Yes, sorry to be, I’m with him have not played enough!
- Well, you hussy, he’s now in you.

- Yes, I remember, but I want it now here, outside, not inside.
- But you’re very stuck it in his ass.

- Yes, and now I want to remove.
- And how you can do it, take a crap because you do not want.

- I do not want, except that diarrhea?
- And what do you put an enema?

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