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I can feel his blood filling me, and changing me. Much like a dried melon being made ripe again with an influx of fresh juice, his blood fills me with a new, and powerful life force.
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Absolutely. I guess you’d like some lesbian action, too? It goes without saying. That’s your unfulfilled fantasy?
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Jenny did the same and then she activated the connections by instructing her E-com to start the application.
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He collapsed on top of Sam. Totally spent but content to lay there with his now softening cock still inside the woman he loved. "I love you Mark" Sam declared as their breathing returned to a normal rate. "I love you too Sammy" he replied. "Let's go for a swim and sauna then pop over to see Sara.
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Jack kissed her neck and lowered toward her breasts. Judy enjoyed the attention and as she reached for Jack’s cock.
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As a foot guy, I know there are millions and millions of us hiding our foot love, so trying to expose a foot lover was a bit of a hobby of mine.
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Suzanne stretched herself out on the warm grass, some of the blades dry and sharp, poking into her soft pale flesh.
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As I sat there eating breakfast, I slowly took in what mom was telling me. She was saying she thought it OK if dad and I fucked.
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One orgasm gave way to another, for a total of three before she was grasping his shoulders with her trembling hands, pulling him up and handing him a condom.
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It was her - I would recognize that hair anywhere. She turned towards me, her long coat flapping in the wind, and my jaw dropped.
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Gently, I started thrusting in and out of her. She felt so wet and inviting. Her plentiful pussy juices were lubricating my shaft.
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She thanked me for coming to her assistance, but I don't think she realized it was me. She was babbling incoherently about moving and useless people and trains as we wrestled the cart into the garage.
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By the third night mystery wife had moved into first place as by popular vote count, the hottest woman for the month.
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I can feel his gaze on me and I wish I could slow my breathing to something less like panting. With my sight gone, I am overly aware of my other senses, of my breasts stinging and sensitive to the cool air drifting through the open window, the ache in my groin, the metallic taste of anticipation on my tongue, the wetness between my legs.
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It might as well have been on the corner of 'Nowhere' and 'Get Lost' for all the traffic it got. I'd driven by there a hundred times and never given it a second thought.
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I wanted to rock her world, give her and my boss something to talk about. I knew she'd be on her phone later that day, giving my boss all the details.
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Her big puffy pink wet pussy lips were just what I needed to get that scene of Jennifer getting bent over that desk at the party off my mind.
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I looked at him properly this time, taking in his whole scene kid image, skinny jeans and big trainers.
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She tried to respond, but even the whimper died, giving way to a moan, inarticulate and low. Hands gripped her, spun her and slammed her back into the wall away from the door, away from the lights and pinned her arms up and behind her head.
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Mary was about to cum when Rachel stopped. Turning her back over, and bringing her mouth to Mary's clit.
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